Writing a Powerful Written Targeted Headline

A web based article, with a powerful written targeted headline, will not only improve your search engine ranking for your target keyword phrases but will also attract the right kind of visitor from the search engines. The headlines of your content page must have the ability to attract your visitors. The tips are as follows:

1. Ask questions:

Your written headline must be question oriented. In other words, your headline must be in the form of a question so that readers are forced to ask themselves something. You are making a statement which a person will not be able to forget immediately. The reason why I am saying this is because if your headline is in a question form, then it means that you are forcing readers to think. Write several examples of question based headlines for your target audience.

For example:

1. Are you tired of your office routine work schedule?
2. Do you want to give more time for your family?

The above two questions focus the problem, in front of the target audience. You generally make a headline, even more powerful when a problem is posed in front of the target audience rather than giving the solution.

2. Bringing curiousness:

You must add a curiosity factor to your headline. This will get the reader hooked into reading about your offer. Using numbers for explanation is also considered as a powerful medium for convincing a person. You can use numbers to imply more than one reason to read on. For example, you can apply the following sample headlines which are as follows:

1. Want to know 3 simple ways to earn free home base income?

2. Want to know the two free valuable gifts that you get on joining the home base income program?

You can apply the above mentioned methods to write powerful, targeted headlines. You will then not only be able to improve your search engine ranking but will be able to attract the right kind of visitors from the search engines too.

3. Offering a solution to the problem:

Now, you can then offer a solution to the problem that you have just mentioned before. For example:

1. You can earn home based income and make time for your family and for yourself too.

2. You can visit my website which will teach you steps of earning home based income.

The above two examples are for headlines which provide solutions to the present money making issue.

Your headlines should be good enough to be able to identify the topic for the content. Also your main content must also be equally good. There are people who play more attention to the content of the written matter. However, when it comes to the headlines, they may not give more importance. You must never forget that headlines are also equally important.

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