Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Broblogger is Back! well Old man making Money.. Lol..
I Plan to restart my Daily Blogging. April 30th 2021. I am officially retired from my
second Job. 20 years in the USMC and Now 20 years in the USPS.. Wow.

What’s Next? I am studying Forex Trading everyday. I know is a risky adventure, but hey, I got the time to learn, practice and perfect my trading.

Stay tuned for my updates.

Also I will continue my exercise and eating healthy journey. I am down to 180lbs
at the time of this writing. The lowest I have been in over 30 years.. wow..

Hope you follow me as I transition into my new life and new adventures.

God bless and Have a great day!

By Broblogger

Larry McCullough is a 20 year Retired Devil Dog(Marine) and 20 Year USPS, who loves to write and market the Internet. Owns several websites and love to help others succeed. Love to workout and eat healthy 90 percent of the time.

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