Getting use to this retirement thing!

Well Is been several months since I retired in April. I have been making it a daily routine of starting my day by going to my basement for a workout.. I love it.. I have no plans in the near …

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Forex Trading is no Joke!

I have ventured into forex trading. I have been testing several pairs and have come to the conclusion, I am concentrating on trading gold. But what I have found out, is that no matter what you trade, you MUST HAVE …

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Big things and Big dreams Accomplished!

Well Here I was many years ago, and already making dreams for my life ahead.               I have accomplished a lot since then. An abusive step father, weight problems, marriage problems, and death of …

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Stay Tuned For a new Beginning!

Broblogger is Back! well Old man making Money.. Lol..I Plan to restart my Daily Blogging. April 30th 2021. I am officially retired from mysecond Job. 20 years in the USMC and Now 20 years in the USPS.. Wow. What’s Next? …

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Sunday Blessings!!

Sunday Blessings!!

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