Designing Your Website to Make a Profit

Your website will be your biggest marketing tool. Short of using video, you will not be able to talk directly to your reader. Therefore, your web site will be your voice. Therefore, you want to make sure that it is designed to make you money. You need to initially decide how you want to monetize your web site. There are many different ways. You can use AdSense, Chitika, sell affiliate products, offer free downloads (which you get to a fee for), advertise pay per impression programs, CPA offers or even sell your own product.

You want to be careful how you present what you’re selling to your readers. You don’t want to shove your products down their throats, and you don’t want your web site to be littered with all types of advertisements. You should use banners and text links, but you want to be strategic. Make sure that your banners are bright and colorful, and that they are in a position on your web site where people can easily see them. However, don’t over do it.

Use testimonials. Testimonials can be extremely effective. They assure sure people that your product is really good and that it will do what it says it will. You may also want to consider writing product reviews for the products that you are selling. Make sure that you appear to be unbiased in your reviews and perhaps compare a couple of products. Mention products within your web copy and hyperlink key words within the text when and where it makes sense. You want it to appear that you are naturally mentioning the product.

It is important that you provide related information. This will help your readers see you as a valuable resource and an expert on the topic, not just a sales person. It will also allow you to establish a connection between your copy and the product that you are selling.

Be generous when you can. Give out really good information and not just fluff. The Internet has been around long enough that people can spot a pre-sell. So give them real information that will actually benefit them. They will appreciate this and will become loyal readers. This will be more likely to purchase products from you because they will feel like they can trust you.

Again, it is very important to design your web site to make you money. You want to figure out a way to monetize whatever topic your web site is on. Use banners however, don’t go overboard. Add testimonials to your website and create product reviews. Mention products within your related text and provide high-quality information.

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