How to Fix a Sexless Marriage

Sexlessness can be caused by stress, mental health issues, or differences in libido. Before you can fix your sexless marriage, you need to identify the root cause and work to eliminate it. Identifying the cause can help you and your partner brainstorm effective ways to manage each other’s stress. Communicate about your feelings and concerns so that you can begin to address them. You should also seek professional help if you feel you cannot make the necessary changes on your own.

Getting help from a licensed counselor or urologist

If you are suffering from a sexually-less marriage, it is important to seek professional help. Your partner’s lack of sexual desire could be the result of physical or psychological factors. Some couples are too stressed out about work or the possibility of a heart attack. Others may be envious of other women who still crave sex, or they may feel too tired to risk their feelings. If this is the case, a licensed counselor or urologist can help.

A therapist can help couples identify the cause of the problem. Healthy intimacy requires both partners to feel satisfied by it. Incompatible partners create sexless marriages, which frustrate and lead to a breakdown of the relationship. By treating the problem, couples can restore their relationship and enjoy sex again. Here are some things to do to solve sexual dysfunction in a marriage:

Taking turns initiating sex

When a couple becomes asexual, they feel a lack of emotional and physical intimacy. To make sex enjoyable for both partners, they need to recognize the need for physical intimacy. Bad habits can include avoiding each other around bedtime, staying on separate chairs and watching TV, and sneaking around children. It takes some effort to change the way you live, but the little things can make a big difference.

If your relationship is lacking sexual desire, it may be time to consider rekindling it. Intimacy isn’t synonymous with sex; it’s an important part of a relationship. If one partner is not willing to give his/her body to the other, the marriage is unlikely to last long. So, if you’re committed to improving your relationship, take turns initiating sex, even if it’s not as exciting as you might expect.


If you are struggling with a sexually-less marriage, the best way to fix it is by opening up and communicating with your partner. You need to find out the root cause of your relationship’s lack of sex and resolve any underlying issues in the bedroom. If you can’t resolve these problems, try working on different strategies to restore your sexuality. Even small steps can make a big difference.

A lack of sex can lead to a number of problems in a relationship, including an inability to feel emotionally connected. Without emotional connection, couples are unlikely to experience satisfying sex, a situation that will lead to increased resentment, jealousy, and lack of trust. It’s essential that couples communicate about the quality of sex and frequency of sex. Communication and active listening are key to fostering a healthy sex life.

Taking steps to end a sexless marriage

A sexless marriage does not happen overnight. However, it does not mean that there is no hope. It is entirely possible to fix a sexless marriage. Sex promotes the feel-good hormone oxytocin and is essential to maintaining a happy and healthy relationship. Regardless of age or physical proximity, couples must continue to assess their emotional and physical needs.

Although a sexless marriage may seem hopeless, it can be rescued and made more exciting by communicating and rekindling the spark between both partners. A passionate relationship can survive without a partner, but a sexless marriage can make your partner feel lonely, unloved, and vulnerable. While the couple may continue to hide their feelings, they may be able to avoid any confrontation by maintaining an air of bravery.

Sexless marriages are often symptomatic of other problems. The lack of sex breeds resentment and an unhealthy relationship. Despite the temptation to leave, it is important to remember that a sexless marriage is not a reason for infidelity. In many cases, the relationship is still worth fighting for. In the case of a sexless marriage, both partners must fight for a union worth fighting for.

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