7 Signs a Married Man Will Never Commit to You!

7 Signs a Married Man Will Never Commit to You!

Do you know what it is that causes a man to consider a woman as a future girlfriend, and even a future spouse or wife? What if this man is already married? Do you think this married man will want to commit to another relationship?

Here are 7 signs that a married man will never commit to you:
He wants to share your joys and accomplishments with you, not your difficulties.
• His presence is not always present while you are going through anything difficult.
• You are not the one he comes to for genuine support or affection.

He never makes any preparations in advance.
• He’s not going to commit to you if he’s always last-minute with everything.
• If he has difficulty committing to a plan even a few days or a week in the future, he is not serious about you.
• If he doesn’t want to be boxed in by anything that has to do with you, he isn’t going to commit to you.

He disappears for days or weeks at a time and then acts as if nothing happened.
• If he takes unannounced vacations from the relationship, it indicates that he isn’t concerned about losing you.
• If he is certain that you will always be there, regardless of how horribly he behaves, he will lack respect for you and will most certainly refuse to commit to you.

He does not arrange genuine dates for you.
• If your dates consist of him coming over to your house and watching a movie with you or you cooking for him, he isn’t taking you or the relationship seriously, and is definitely not going to commit to you.
• If he only puts in the bare minimum effort when it comes to dates, it indicates that he does not consider you to be worth the effort.
• In the event that you are the only one who is making an effort to keep the flame alive and do special things, it is a hint that he isn’t extremely interested in you.

He detests titles.
• If he won’t even commit to labeling you (or if you had to hound him into ultimately naming you his girlfriend), he most clearly does not consider you as his lifetime companion.
• If he is averse to identifying your relationship and using terms such as boyfriend and girlfriend, and if he consistently avoids these terms and debates about labels, he will not commit to you.

It’s evident that you aren’t a top priority in his life.
• If you appear to be merely an option in his life, meaning that he only wants to hang out with you when his other pals aren’t available or when he has no other plans, this is one of the most telling signals that he isn’t going to commit to you.
• If he does not have a plan for the future with you and is more than likely just making excuses, he is not going to commit to you.

He is erratic.
• If he is unreliable in any situation that needs commitment and accountability, even a phone call, he is unlikely to commit to you.
• If he is having difficulty making arrangements for you, it indicates that he is not serious about you or intends to make a commitment to you.

To sum up, when you notice these signs in a married man that you’re seeing, it definitely shows that he’s not going to commit to you. A married man greatly cares about his family, especially when he has kids.

To avoid issues and heartbreaks, it’s best to break off the relationship and move on.
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