7 Signs He’s About to Leave You

7 Signs He’s About to Leave You

That guy you like doesn’t share your feelings is possibly the worst. What does he seek from the relationship? He’s done with you, how does he act? How does he show he wants out?

If you suspect your boyfriend is dissatisfied in your relationship, you may start asking yourself questions like the ones above.

Take a look at the following indicators to see if he’s about to leave you:


Your contact is on the verge of extinction.

  • Previously, your phone would ring nonstop, but now all you hear are crickets.
  • He begins to distance himself from you and spends more evenings with his buddies than he does with you as a boyfriend and girlfriend.


He isn’t interested in your future together.

  • You’re attempting to schedule a romantic weekend with your partner, but he doesn’t show up. Or you mention going to a friend’s wedding and he says he has something else planned for that day, despite the fact that he hasn’t even looked at his calendar.
  • It’s possible that you’ll be invited to a friend’s BBQ, but he will be reluctant to attend. If he can’t commit to a cookout with your friends, what makes you think he’ll be able to commit to anything else with you?


You don’t trust him to the fullest extent possible.

  • You distrust his late nights, sink in his lies, and sense that your dating life has become less exclusive. He lets go of your arm. Your passionate flings have devolved into polite smooches.  What he is doing says a lot about him. He’s acting out of character because he wants to leave.
  • If you can’t trust your guy longer, you need to take care of yourself and find a man who is trustworthy and deserving of your love. Relationships are built on trust.


It suddenly appears like you are the one who is devoting all of your time and energy to the relationship.

  • Let’s take a look back. What did he put into the relationship from the start? Can you recall how he went out of his way to make you feel loved and special? If you suddenly find yourself putting all the work into the relationship, that could be a sign he’s over you.


He cheated on you multiple times.

  • It’s unpleasant, but if you know your partner has had multiple external affairs, it could be a nonverbal way of telling you he wants out. He may be doing it to get you to dump him, or he may be over the relationship.


He is becoming increasingly abusive.

  • Emotionally, mentally, or even physically, this could be the cause. When he has had enough of the relationship, he may resort to being extremely abusive, or he may even start putting his hands on you.


He is not the same guy you met the first time.

  • When you first met, you couldn’t get enough of each other and spoke about anything and everything. Your conversations are now tough and distant.
  • Both of you were fun-loving, adventurous risk-takers when you first met. He was the kind, family-oriented one. You and your partner were the “power couple” that everyone admired. This time around, he’s dictating what to do and you’re ignoring your own interests in order to please him.

If these signs are present in your current relationship, then he’s about to leave you.

To sum up, when a guy wants out, he starts showing indicators that a relationship is ended.

Some guys may be upfront with you. Some may not. It’s up to you to read between the lines and not waste your life attempting to save a dead relationship.

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