Not all Whites hate President Obama

President Obama did not get elected soley from the votes of black people, 43 percent of white voters supported him. Incredibly 54 percent of young white voters supported him as well. So why now he is hated by most whites in america?

I will tell you why…..

It is because of the racist politicians in congress who are making President Obama seems like he does not know what he is doing and are blocking him on every move he makes. I don’t know the exact quote but I remember President Obama saying something like..”If I say the sky is blue…they will say it is green”.

Not only is this childish but a stupid way for so-intelligent politicians suppose to act. It makes me so mad at times when I am watching tv and see them making stupid statements I feel like throwing my remote at it. (But then I realize how much my tv cost and I come to my senses).

I know the President is not perfect, he has made mistakes and bad decisions but so has presidents before him and will make more. I disagree with the abolishment of the “Don’t ask Don’t tell” poilcy. Being former military, in my opinion it was a bad decision.

The point I am trying to make is Presidents are not perfect. I just never in my lifetime seen a President be blocked on every decision he makes, be disrespected, and dogged in the media as much as President Obama has. Is it necessary? In my opinion…No.

I was so happy when we as a nation elected a black man as our commander in chief. I never thought that in my life time I would see it happen. America had changed and I was so proud. But then as the months went by and I started to see the racism come out again. Not from the young whites who voted him in, but mostly from the older politicians and all the older whites who are now in the so called “Tea Party”.

I know we have come a long way, but we still have a ways to go. I know it won’t happen in my lifetime but I hope one day a black president will be elected who is supported by all regardless of his skin color.

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