Virus anyone?

You know first it was just covid, then we got the delta,  and now we have Omicron.

 I mean it seems to be virus after virus. When is it all going to end?

 Well, my opinion is it’s going to be a while.  Why you might ask, because people do not want to do the right thing and try to end this. 


But you know what it doesn’t matter  in my case because Larry is going to do what it takes to protect him and his family.

It’s sad to say that people are dying everyday from this virus  and still people are calling this a hoax shaking my head…. LOL


And The Beat Goes On

As some people might say you do you and I’ll do me and we’ll see who is right in the end when this is all over. 

I have lost relatives to this virus, and I know friends I have lost close ones.

 but for the life of me I cannot understand when I see people on TV and they have lost loved ones and yet still, I mean still, they still won’t do the right thing.

How ludicrous is that?


And what is the right thing you might ask?

Well you could be  wearing a mask in public, getting vaccinated,  or just staying in the house so you won’t infect others.


I don’t have the answers nor do I claim to be a scientist or an expert I am just a old man just rambling along


In Closing, You do what makes you happy but remember life is short, believe me I know. 60 came so fast, wow

Now Social Security is just right around the corner.

Like the old folks used to say, keep living,

Be happy and try to make the best of this short life that we have… Peace and God bless

For info on Covid, visit the CDC

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