Will You be Free from Willie Lynch??

300 years ago, Willie Lynch delivered a speech to the white slave owners on methods a For controlling the slaves…

The 300 years are up in 2012, But Willie lynch might have been right when he said that by following  the methods of his letter, it will be hundreds if not thousands of years before blacks are totally free of his teachings.

This will be a 3 part series on my opinion as to how his teachings are still affecting us today.

Dependence, distrust and envy were a few methods used for control purposes. I am going to explain in my point of view how some of these traits still exist among blacks. This is not a knock on the black race nor is this article intent is to inflame anyone. I am just writing about my observations as I see them among my race.

Dependence: There are a lot of hard working blacks who get up everyday go to that 9-5 to do what it takes to support themselves or their families. I don’t know the exact number but I hope it is over 50 percent of the black population in the U.S.

On the other hand I see way too much dependence on the local and federal government for assistance from my people. Way too much. We have become slack in doing what ever it takes for us to be independent. We are either too lazy, too high or in jail to make things happen for ourselves. We can’t get a job, we “blame it on the white man”, we get arrested all the time, “blame it on the white man”. Its not your fault, Willie Lynch taught the “white man” how to make blacks depend on him, and when things don’t go your way its natural to blame him.

All of this can be overcome getting up and take control of your life. Quit making excuses as to why you can’t find a job or make money(legally). Everyone has a skill within them that fear of failure keeps it dormant. Don’t depend on anyone but yourself to make it happen.

Next article will be on distrust.
Will you be Free from Willie? Part 2

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