Will You be Free from Willie Lynch?? Part 2

300 years ago, Willie Lynch delivered a speech to the white slave owners on methods  for controlling the slaves…

The 300 years are up in 2012, But Willie lynch might have been right when he said that by following the methods of his letter, it will be hundreds if not thousands of years before blacks are totally free of his teachings.

Dependence, distrust and envy were a few methods used for control purposes. I am going to explain in my point of view how some of these traits still exist among blacks. This is not a knock on the black race nor is this article intent is to inflame anyone. I am just writing about my observations as I see them among my race.

Distrust: Willie said pitch the old against the young, young against the old, the dark against the light skin, the light against the dark, male against female and vice versa.

These methods were used 299 years ago to develop distrust among the slaves. Willie said, “ If used for one year, the slaves will remain perpetually distrustful.

When will we trust each other? When we as Rodney King said “all get along”.  One example I will use is that we don’t trust enough to work together to be successful. What I mean by this is I feel we as a people should own and run all the stores we see being run by people from other countries. The Chinese, the Mexicans and the Indians are just a few of the races that are doing a great job of opening and running successful businesses. Bravo…my hats off to them. Why are they successful? Because they were not taught to distrust  each other like our people.  We don’t trust enough to pool our money together to invest in something together or start and run a successful business.  Do you know how powerful we could be as a people if we trusted each other to make this happen?

To the blacks who are running successful businesses, I applaud you also. To the one’s who tried and failed, I understand how this could have happened. Was it distrust in management? Was it because you all wanted to be the HNIC? Or was it because we as a people rather buy from other races because we don’t trust to buy BLACK?  In our minds we think the black store or black products are inferior to the “white man‘s”. So we run to their stores because we were taught to trust them over trusting other blacks.

It’s not our fault, we were taught this 299 years ago. I am sure there are other forms of distrust happening among our people different from the examples I mentioned above. But when will it stop? Willie said, hundreds if not thousands of years. Is it true? Are we doomed to distrust each other for all time. I pray that we won’t.

Distrust also goes along with Envy…My next Topic
Will you be Free from Willie Lynch? Part 3

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