7 Signs She’s About to Leave You!

7 Signs She’s About to Leave You!

During a tumultuous relationship, women may beg and grovel, expecting that men will comprehend their plight. And guys frequently fail to do so!

Take a look at the following indicators to see if she’s about to leave you:

She avoids you at all costs.
• When you ask her to hang out with you, she always has an excuse or two.
• She’s always on the lookout for methods to exclude you from her plans.

Your phone calls and text messages go unanswered by her.
• To begin, she does not wish to see you much, and it has become a nuisance to return your calls. Remember when you first started dating and she picked up your call virtually before it rang? This time, the situation is reversed.

• Your phone may be ringing for hours, but when you ask her, her answer to you might be, “I didn’t see your missed call,” “I was busy,” or something else.

She takes a break from everything.
• She withdraws from everything and everyone around you, not just you.
• She will stop picking up the phone when your mother calls, and she may even cancel plans with your sister at the last minute because she does not feel obligated to make any effort for them any longer because she is in a horrible place due of your relationship.

She picks arguments about inconsequential matters.
• Her petty disagreements begin with the most insignificant of matters.
• Mostly, she picks things that aren’t important. She does this because she wants to push you away or just be annoyed with you almost every time she’s around you. A lot of things could be going on that make her angry or fight. She’s either stressed out about something else or she doesn’t like the relationship and wants to end it.

Your plans take a hike with her.
• If she’s still interested in you, she’ll be ecstatic to set up dates with you again. However, if you notice her avoiding plans or canceling at the last minute a lot, it’s usually because she’s indecisive about the relationship.
• When she cancels arrangements at the last minute in order to carry out previously scheduled activities, though, she may not be able to articulate what she is trying to say directly, if you see it occurring frequently enough, there is undoubtedly something she is attempting to communicate.

The sex isn’t what It used to be.
• Things are not right if you see her losing interest in activities she used to enjoy doing in bed.
• You will also note her dislike for unshaved legs and bikini waxes, something she was very particular about. Her gorgeous lingerie is hidden in her drawer and she is always in her everyday underwear while she is with you. The simple things like losing interest in how she dresses or the small things she no longer does or takes care of are the biggest signals that she will leave you.

As time passes, the chemistry between you two begins to dissipate.
• If the spark is fading, she’ll come up to you and bring up the subject of breaking up with you as soon as possible.
• If she’s leaving you, the chemistry you share will be the first to break. Anything from her not getting or remembering internal jokes you both had to her behaviors being indifferent towards your behavior.

If these signs are present, then she wants to leave you.
To sum up, you should attempt to speak with her and work out a way to save the relationship. Otherwise, all you can do is accept your situation and hope for a more straightforward future girlfriend!

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