Dating Tips for Finding the Right One

Today we will be discussing some dating tips on finding the right person. Being single and being in the dating scene can be a little scary. From going through several talking stages to meeting weird people and just wondering who you are meant to be with in a relationship.

The dating game can be very tricky but there are some things that can help the process easier with self reflections and knowing exactly who and what you desire in a partner.

So let’s dive into some key factors into finding the right person for you!

Self Love

You must love yourself before you go searching for it in someone else. Know your self worth and what are your priorities in life. Don’t go looking for a relationship so a person can fill a void. All the things that you are missing in your life should be sorted out first so you will be fine with or without a significant other in your life.

Ensure that your mental health and insecurities don’t affect your dependency on finding someone to keep you company. That never works out in the end because you will always have some sort of self doubt and may self sabotage.

The key is knowing your worth and ensuring that you are ready to be in a relationship with someone. Being in a relationship is teamwork and both your feelings are impacted in the process. A partner improves your life and shouldn’t become someone that is required to fix you, that’s your job.

First Impressions in the Social Media Era

In this day and age of dating apps and speaking to people via social media it’s very easy for a person to lie through messages about themselves. It always takes time to find out about a person and getting to truly know their personality.

So try to be realistic with what is said in the initial stage of dating. It’s easy for a person to say things about themselves and what they would be like in a relationship. But action speaks louder than words when it comes to being an actual couple.

You must keep in mind that persons may also be afraid to express themselves fully so they might say things to impress. You may now have two options of

1. Seeing that as a red flag and no longer seeking interest in dating the person or

2. Give them the opportunity to correct their mistakes and be real with their intentions towards you.

Build a Connection

Going on first dates can be very scary and nerve racking because you don’t know what to expect. But the best advice is to go with good intentions and be yourself. Don’t shy away from your true personality and don’t compromise what you may desire in a partner.

It is important that you build a connection with a person you would like to date. It can be by starting a friendship first and getting to know each other more. It can be by finding common interests while on a date and wanting to explore that more with the person.

Ensure that the connection is genuine and not forced because you just want to be in a relationship. All things take time and when it comes to your heart you should ensure that both you and your future significant other treat it right.

Being able to handle Rejection

While in the dating pool it’s very common to get rejected. When you’re really interested in the person it will hurt your feelings to not be wanted. You must now dust your shoulders off and move on.

Don’t hold on to that rejection and now take that hurt on future dates with people to give them a bad experience. It’s cruel and they don’t deserve the negative treatment.

When faced with rejection on a date you shouldn’t take it personally, sometimes you are just not their type and it’s good you found out early and not later on the road of dating the person.

Getting rejected can also be a teachable moment, you can learn what you did right or wrong on the date and what you can improve on it for future dates. In life what’s meant to be will be and you may find the love of your life on another date.

And that brings us to the end of some dating tips in finding the right person for you. I hope some of this advice would be used going on future dates. If you enjoyed reading this don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment. Also Check out My YouTube Channel for great Videos On these Subjects-Dating And Marriage

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