Why Bother with Marriage?

Why Bother with Marriage?
The cycle of life includes being born, growing up, attending middle school, high school, and college, earning a degree, obtaining a secure job, and eventually getting married. Despite the fact that this cycle has been going on for millennia, it is still in use. Is it, however, necessary to incorporate marriage into this cycle?

Who needs to get married when one has an excellent degree and an equally stable career that pays well but produces large profit?

Today, marriage is more flexible and unique than ever before. It’s a common pastime for young adults who have a stable job and a lovely place. It has become the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle that completes the puzzle of personal existence. People get married to brag to their loved ones about how great their lives are going, even if they have their doubts about whether or not their union will continue.

Weddings, for example, were traditionally organized and paid for by the parents, making them an example of a formal event. Not any longer, unfortunately.
Somewhere along the way, you meet someone who makes you feel completely content. When the love is too strong, the subject of marriage will be raised.

Life-long commitments are made when two people enter into marriage, which is the start of the family unit. As you serve your wife and children, you have the chance to grow in selflessness. A marriage is more than just a bodily connection; it is also an emotional unification.

It’s easy to dismiss marriage as archaic. Why don’t you just live with someone? What’s the point of holding a public event? Is there a reason for all of these eccentric ceremonies, in churches, temples, with hymns, and prayers? Humanity’s religious past has left marriage as a superstitious relic that has no place in today’s scientifically literate society.

And yet, it’s still there.
Marriages are symbolic of the responsibilities and obligations of two people who are in love with each other but who are also willing and able to make the decision to spend the rest of their life together. When two people enter into a relationship known as marriage, it is called matrimony.

In a cultural and legal union, it establishes the rights and duties of spouses. Despite the fact that marriage is widely seen as a universal institution, its significance varies.
Marriage serves as a powerful deterrent to our self – indulgent, hopeful, and yearning selves. As a result of our submission, we are buying into the idea that we (as individuals) tend to make bad decisions whenever we are influenced by strong short-term impulses.

Marrying is a recognition that we need a framework to protect us from our irrational impulses. It’s a choice we make because we see the long-term benefits of locking ourselves up.

Although marriage and getting married have long been the subject of jokes and criticism, it remains a popular lifestyle option for many people. Why? Because it’s not just a great place to hang out; it also has a lot of great perks.
Getting married has several benefits.
You should bother getting married because:
You make more money! When you marry, you have the opportunity to divide your expenses with your spouse, as well as pool your resources and incomes. Getting married profoundly impacts your financial status. As a result, your costs will be lower and your revenue will be higher.

Instead of having two rents or two mortgages, you might have just one. Marriage is a smart business decision from a financial standpoint. As a result, women typically have less money set up for their golden years when they reach retirement age than do males.

If one of you decides to take a leave of absence to care for a kid, for example, talk to your partner about ensuring that you are continuing contributing to your retirement fund.

Your life span will be enhanced! A recent Harvard study found that married people were considerably more likely than unmarried people to diagnose cancer in its earliest stages and seek treatment, a finding that is consistent with other studies showing that married people live longer than their unmarried peers. When someone close to you puts pressure on you to see a doctor, it’s reasonable to think that something is wrong.

You make new friendships! You can become friends with your partner’s buddies. In the same way that you and your spouse share other aspects of your lives, you and your partner will also share and develop your circle of friends.

You get to improve the quality of your life! To be in love is wonderful, but learning to be patient, understanding, kind, and perseverant while adapting to your spouse is a terrific lesson. Having a wife and children can help you grow as a person.

You are no longer lonely! For the most part, studies have found, married people are happier for longer durations than singles. Companionship is innate in the human psyche.
Please accept my sincere appreciation for your time and attention. To sum up, within your heart of hearts, if you are certain that this person is the one for you. And after a couple of dates, you’re feeling confident, you can’t imagine your existence without them in it. They are indispensable.

In fact, for you as a lady, he has already expressed an interest in you, and he feels the same way as you do.
Consider your feelings when it comes to getting married, and then go ahead and get hitched!

Marriage creates the conditions for us to make decisions about our lives that would otherwise be too perilous.
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