Does Anyone Eat As a Family Anymore?

Does Anyone Eat As a Family Anymore?

I miss the old days of Mom calling us in from playing to eat dinner. “Go wash your hands” she would say. Then we would sit down at the table, say grace and enjoy Mama’s good home cooking.


What happened to those days?

Now we grab something to eat, go to our corners and chow down. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that because of work schedules, etc., it might be hard for all to eat together.

But I also understand that families have either Saturday or Sunday together where they can sit down and eat together.

But do we? No, and yes we are guilty of not eating together in our household either.

It has gotten so bad that not even Thanksgiving can bring some families together at the dining table. What Happened??


Fast Food and Instant Meals


One of the problems is stopping by a fast food joint to pick up food has become too much of a habit for some families. And we don’t  sit down as a family at the kitchen table together, say grace  and then eat fast food.


Then they have all this Hello Fresh, Hungry Root and other ready made meals that people order. People don’t cook from scratch anymore. They find it easier I guess to order these ready made meals or food items with menus to follow. If you feel you have to go that route, save your money and go to Walmart grocery and get TV dinners or other ready made meals. Bet it will be cheaper than those internet ready meals that you order.

Again, I don’t think families get together at the table to eat these meals either.

Eat Healthier


Start a Old Tradition Again


Start by getting together with your family at least once a week, sit down together and eat as a family. Make it even more better by everyone pitching in, planning and cooking the meals. Sit, eat and talk to each other without the cell phones or any other electronic equipment. I am pretty sure you will find enjoyment in it and your family will become closer.

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