We all Settle at Times in our Lives..

Definition: If you have a settled way of life, you stay in one place, in one job, or with one person, rather than moving around or changing.

Are you happy in your life? Happy with your relationships, happy with your job, happy with your surroundings or the people you have in your life?
If the answer is no to any, then why are you settling?

Settling in a Relationship/Marriage

Settling in a relationship means being ready to accept less than what you want or deserve.
You want to be loved so you look over the little things you don’t like and keep telling yourself, they will change or you will change them. All the signs are there, but you stay because “you are in love”. You are settling.

Sometimes it’s ok to listen to that inner voice telling you something isn’t right. Maybe you need to take a step back and reevaluate the situation. Sometimes it is ok to listen to Mama or close friends who tell you that something isn’t right with him or her.
But you don;t listen.. Why? Because “you are in love”. You are settling.

Settling might feel good to you at the moment, but months or years down the road, you will realize that you should have listened to that inner voice.

Settling in Your Job

TGIF, Thank God it’s Friday!. Where did that phrase come from, why do people say it? Because they are happy the week is over and they can leave their job for the weekend.
Don’t get me wrong, some people say it because they have worked all week at a job they enjoy and just need some time off.

But we all know the majority of people are happy to get away from a job they don’t like or away from employees they don’t like.
They have settled in their jobs because “it pays the bills”. We all do it or have done it.
We settle and sacrifice so we can work toward those retirement benefits. Something we have to do for us and our families.

Settling in Life

The bottom line is that we all settle at times in life. We overlook the obvious or put on a happy face when we know we feel different inside. If settling gets to the point where it is causing unhappiness or stress in your life, you need to take a step back and go in another direction. Life is too short….

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