Are You Serious About Your New Year’s Resolution?

It’s a brand new year! Looking forward to what new adventures and dreams happen.

Thinking about all the changes we will make from last year.

Some of us will make that New Year’s Resolution that You might or might not keep. We will exercise more, lose weight, spend less money, start a new hobby or Job, the list can go on and on. All feasible and doable resolutions, but do we follow through? 

Sad to say but most give it a good run for a month or two and then give up or revert back to their old ways of doing things.


Since Covid hit, I have been working out in my basement or at the local park. But when I was at a fitness center, and I was, for many years. I used to see the place packed right after New Year’s. Lots of new faces and people working on that resolution they made. But guess what, I say around the end of February and middle March, we are back to the regulars who have been there for years. The New Year’s resolution people are gone! Year after year, I would see this play out.


The main thing about making resolutions is to make them realistic and attainable Its not hard to cut 500 to 1000 calories out of you food each week. It’s not hard to save an extra 15 to 25 dollars a month. Its not hard to look for a new job or career if you hate the one you are at so bad. Saying “I Love You” a little more than you did last year to your loved ones. 

These are all easy and attainable goals if you think about it.


One thing you should not do is to make this year worse than last year. Time flies by and most of us do not want to leave this earth with regrets. Try to treat each new year of your life as a blessing and strive to keep moving forward and better each year.


Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have, use it for good.

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