We Only Have One Body, Take care of It..

We have all heard the saying your body is your temple so treat it as such. But do we..? Most of us don’t. We all have abused the one thing that is so precious to us, our bodies.

But doing the right thing to take care of our bodies is so hard. I mean we love to eat all that fast food. We love drinking that alcohol and yes some of us love doing those drugs that really do damage to our bodies.
We don’t like to exercise, we don’t listen to or take the advice from our doctors or medical experts(as in the case of this raging virus).

Why, because all that bad stuff that we do feels so good. and we definitely don’t want any doctors or medical experts or you can say anyone telling us what to do concerning our own bodies.

But we all can change, taking baby steps little by little everyday changing your bad habits
Instead of eating fast food 3,4 or five times a week maybe just do it once. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Go for a walk, start by going once a week and work yourself to going 3 or 4 times a week.
Cut back on the alcohol if you feel you are drinking too much and definitely don’t do any drugs.
And when I say drugs you know what I’m talkin about, the illegal drugsā€¦.

Change is hard, believe me I know, when I decided to tackle my weight problem I knew it had to be a lifestyle change. When I decided to quit smoking and cut out 90% of my drinking alcohol, I knew it would be hard. But I made up my mind to do it because I didn’t want to abuse my body with those anymore.

I’ll look at my body like a car if you don’t take care of it eventually it’s going to break down. You cannot abuse your car and still expect it to run well.
Your body is like that, what you put in it and how you take care of it will determine how you feel and how your body functions.

So wake up tomorrow, next week, even next month, or even New Year’s make a commitment to your body and yourself to change how you treat it.
Your body will thank you and believe me you will feel so much better and also you will greatly increase your chances of living a very long and productive life.

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