Life is Short and Hard If We Let it Be..

When when we was young we didn’t really think about how fast our life
goes by. Then when we turn 40 or so we look back and say whoa, where did the time go?
We start thinking about things we should have done or shouldn’t have done in our lives.

Because it seems that as soon as we reach 40, time seems to speed up. Reflections start
To enter our minds as we look back and then forward. Hopefully by this age we have matured
enough to not take life for granted anymore.

Life Can Be Hard.

Life can be full of broken hearts, broken promises, broken bodies and dreams not realized.
How we come back from these setbacks is what makes us stronger and better.

Everyone will have their heart broken sometime in their life. Whether its a failed relationship or marriage or death of a loved one, these all hurt our hearts.

The Sun Will Rise Again

No matter what you are going through, understand that the pain will not last forever. God has a way of mending and fixing our broken hearts and bodies.

If it will help, join a support group, talk to a trusted friend or yes, get back into the church. The one thing you don’t want to do is to try and go at it alone. Drinking or drugs will not help, because as soon as you sober up or the high is gone, the pain is still there.

Just take things one day at a time. Each day that you wake up, the pain will be a little easier. Just don’t give up or give in to the pain and let it make you do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Live, Laugh and Play

Even through all the challenges that will come your way, live your life, have fun and be happy. We only have one, so why not make this short time on earth worth living. Don’t have regrets, you can do anything you want if you make up your mind to do it.

Hopefully we live our life to the fullest, taking our health seriously, and our relationships/marriage seriously. These are important to having a long and happy life.

Plan for Your Glory Days

But always prepare for the future, save and invest so money problems will be the least of your worry.
Plan and get our finances in order so when the time comes for you to retire, you will be ready.
We will get older, and when that time comes, we can start the final chapter of our life, not worrying about a thing…

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